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Ag Aviation Africa has recognised that the requirements for Africa are slightly different from the rest of the globe. Africa has it's our own unique set of challenges, and these tend to impact on either the risk of the end users and operators or the willingness to commit capital expenditure.

With this in mind, we are commencing with the Ag Aviation Africa Leasing company to assist our customers in bridging the gap between using our machines, and meeting the capital requirements when wanting to purchase outright.

When considering a lease, many factors will be taken into account, namely: who is the end user; what is the underlying contract; geographical location and spraying frequencies required. While these leases can be tailor-made to suit your operational requirements, the basic model is based on a turnkey ACMI (Dry) rate, calculated per hectare or per hour. 

At Ag Aviation Africa we endeavour to find solutions to financing aircraft in these economic trying times. We want to partner with you to see you adequately equipped and succeeding in the emerging and growing markets. We provide flexible payback terms taking into account the seasonal fluctuations of the industry. We also offer solutions and assistance with regards to maintenance, insurance and pilots.

If this is of interest to you, please email us, and we will gladly assist you in finding the most suitable aircraft for purchasing or leasing.

AIRCRAFT MAintenance


Ag Aviation Africa, as the dealership for Africa, has recognised that maintenance poses a great challenge for owners and operators alike.


Due to the geographical distances and each country's specific regulatory requirement, creating a single AMO or maintenance base that would encompass all of these requirements, is almost impossible to accomplish.


With this in mind, Ag Aviation Africa has made a strategic decision to partner with approved AMO’s throughout the continent. Thus allowing for maintenance to be done in accordance with the manufacturers standards, as well as the country specific requirements.


For a full list of approved maintenance organisations in your area, please contact us for further information.    


Ag Aviation Africa is the authorised dealers for Air Tractor Inc. and Transland to provide spare sales and parts distribution for the complete line of Air Tractor aircraft and Transland products to Sub-Saharan Africa.

We understands the importance of having reliable, time-efficient supply of parts and spares, therefore it is also a very important part of our service to you. We are able to offer you better value, faster delivery, a larger range and better quality to support you at any stage of your season.

If you have a question with regards to your airplane and operation, support and advice is readily available from one of our experienced team members.

Call or visit us and find the right advice, encouragement and support to unlock your potential.    

Parts Distribution


Our service is designed as an agronomy tool to compliment and not replace existing well-established crop management systems. End-user interaction allows geo-tagged ground level images and other measurements and observations to be recorded and uploaded against the aerial imagery at the correct location (subject to GPS).  This allows a direct comparison between ground and aerial observations supporting a more accurate and rapid diagnostic process

Imagery sets are used to map variability, field-by-field and establish zonal performance as the basis for variable input planning.  This will realise the potential for seed rates, nutrients and water to be distributed zonally at variable concentrations / rates, saving on input costs, increasing yield and reducing environmental impact.


High quality, low cost colour and infrared imagery is gathered at key growth stages to monitor the quantity and quality of photosynthetically active crop-vegetation. High cost agronomy resources can then be directed to areas of poor performance for follow up diagnosis and treatment planning as an important efficiency and cost benefit.


Ag Aviation wishes to provide our customers with the latest leading aerial application tools, in order to capitalise on the yields.  

During our research, we have found that most companies / farms, do not have the risk appetite for additional capital expenditure within developing nations, are limited by financial constraints (access to capital) or they do not have the expertise to manage an aviation fleet of aircraft and pilots.

To elevate these concerns, what we propose is a full turnkey service that covers all your aviation / aerial requirements and set at low monthly fee based on a per hectare or per hourly agreed rate.


Ag Aviation Africa is able to provide an aircraft based on a fixed

A (Dry) Rate or on a variable ACMI (Dry) rate basis (breakdown below). This rate will fluctuate depending on the area of operation, the frequencies and size of farm. 

Turnkey Solutions


We have proven modern training methods for our agricultural pilots. Whether it is an AG-SEAT, basic turbine conversions, recurrent training or even simulator training, we can assist. 

With initial training taking place in South Africa with the aim to supply the up and coming African market, we can ensure that the demand for pilots can be met. For our young students, we use Cardinals, and from there we progress to taildraggers. 

The Air Tractor AT-504 is a spray and training plane, which is an excellent platform for aerial application instruction. Side-by-side, cockpit seating allows experienced pilots to train new turboprop pilots effectively. Both instructor and trainee, have complete flight controls and virtually the same cockpit view and flight perspective. 

The AT-504 performs beautifully and is fun to fly. And like the rest of the Air Tractor line, it can be a real money maker. 


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